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Processing Method of Plastic Optical Fiber

Compared with quartz optical fibers, plastic optical fibers (POF) have the following advantages:
1. Fast installation: POF can easily pass through narrow threading pipes;
2. Easy connection: POF can achieve good connection effect without polishing, and does not need special equipment for connection.
3. Low cost: Because of the above two advantages, the cost of network access system using POF as transmission medium is lower than that of quartz optical fiber access system.
4. Strong and durable: POF cable is more flexible and durable than quartz cable, and its bending radius is smaller.
5. Simple and safe connectivity test: When using 650 nm LED red light source, it is harmless to the naked eye.
Compared with copper cable, plastic optical fiber (POF) has the following advantages:
1. No electric interference: POF is free from electromagnetic interference, crosstalk and noise;
2. Electrical isolation: POF optical network devices are electrically isolated;
3. Save space: The diameter of POF cable is at least 50% smaller than that of TP twisted pair, so the space of wiring is smaller.
4. Light weight: POF is at least four times lighter than the five types of lines, so it can save shipping costs;
5. Fast connection: easy to cut and connect;
6. Reliable and durable: POF can withstand greater vibration;
7. Easy to install: It is easy to install because crosstalk and noise suppression are not considered.
8. Connectivity test is simple: only link insertion loss test is needed;
9. Confidentiality and security: POF cable is difficult to be eavesdropped;
10. Zero radiation: POF does not produce electromagnetic radiation;
11. Good service: It is especially suitable for Triply service of video, data and voice.  Comparison of Plastic Optical Fiber with Quartz Optical Fiber and Copper Cable

Processing and Fabrication of Plastic Optical Fiber
Plastic optical fiber end processing is generally divided into grinding, polishing and ironing treatment.
Grinding method: The clamp with connecting head must be balanced on the grinding machine to set the pressure, and the switch of the grinding machine should be opened to observe the balance state of the clamp when it is running. If there is instability, first turn off the grinder, take out the clamp and re-measure the length of the exposed optical fiber, then re-measure the exposed uniform optical fiber to grind together, so as to avoid damaging the grinder and sandpaper.
1. Place 9um sandpaper on the rubber pad, expel bubbles and spray about 2ml of pure water. Place clamp on the grinding disc and grind three gears of pressure. Set time 50 seconds to start switch and start the first grinding.
2. When the grinding disc stops turning, remove the clamp and clean the end face of the optical fiber with a paper towel to ensure that the surface is clean. In the next process, with 3um sandpaper, the time of pressing to 2nd gear is set to 50 seconds, and the second grinding is started.
After 3 and 3 um grinding, the third grinding process is started with 1 um sandpaper and 45 seconds of pressing for 1 gear.
After 4 and 1um grinding, polish with 0.2um grinding paper and set the time of pressing for 3 shifts for 60 seconds.


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