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Performance Analysis of Plastic Optical Fiber and Its Application in Automobile


Plastic Optical Fiber

The performance test of plastic optical fibers in LAN applications generally works at room temperature and without radiation. For communication plastic optical fibers with temperatures ranging from - 50 ~70 C, there is no problem in using plastic optical fibers at room temperature. The application of 650 nm numerical aperture 0.5 has good optical fiber penetration. In addition, the loss coefficient of general PMMA plastic optical fibers has been stabilized below 180 dB/km, which can meet the needs of short-distance LAN. The lower the loss coefficient, the longer the transmission distance. Therefore, this paper aims at the loss coefficient and packet loss rate of plastic optical fibers. Line the test.
The main materials of plastic optical fibers are PMMA, polystyrene (PS) and polycarbonate (PC). PMMA plastic optical fibers have good prospects in the field of industrial control bus system and Internet because of its stable technology, low cost, strong radiation resistance and low loss at specific optical wavelength. It has high transmission bandwidth, strong anti-interference performance and stable signal. With the advantages of equivalence, it has become a very competitive product to replace copper cable in the fields of industrial application sensing, medical field, home intelligence, office automation, industrial control network, vehicle-borne airborne communication network and automobile automation application.
The transmission network protocol of MOST media-oriented system was developed by Oasis Silicon System, Germany, and supported by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Haman and other companies.
MOST is a solid line transmission, but also a plastic optical fiber line transmission, and can be a plastic optical fiber (less cost). The use of plastic optical fiber can increase the amount of information transmission, the future transmission potential is higher, but also more stable transmission (because there is no grounding circuit, also not subject to electromagnetic interference).
The manufacturing process of MSOT plastic optical fiber cable is a special production line of MOST plastic optical fiber using automation. Its technical level and automatic control level of production are first-class in the world. It can complete the whole production process of wiring, cable printing, tangent, stripping, winding, fiber end treatment, laser welding, attenuation measurement and packaging. At the same time, it is equipped with special quality control equipment of plastic optical fiber for MOST, including digital microscope and camera, optical fiber altimeter, loss tester, tension tester and computer control integrated control output tester to monitor the quality of the finished products. All plastic optical fibers (POFs) have been tested in 100% of the factories.


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