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Chinese Dr. Guanggu Volunteer Group Walks into Guanggu Fourth Primary School

On April 27, the Chinese Dr. Guanggu Voluntary Service Group "Doctor Entering Campus Activity" entered Guanggu No. 4 Primary School. It held a lecture on popular science knowledge to introduce students to the important industry of Guanggu, laser. Dr. Guanggu's delegation and 80 teachers and students from primary and secondary schools in the region participated.
The lecture was given by Dr. Wang Feng, President of Lingyun Photoelectric Company. He explained to teachers and students what lasers are, their applications and the magic of lasers with the theme of "Laser - Magic Light". He attracted teachers and students with his funny and humorous language and exquisite and magical image materials. In the interactive link, students are enthusiastic about the application of laser technology in life and the unlimited possibilities of laser future. Let the doctor present sigh: Maybe future scientists are here!
This lecture is the first formal activity after the launch of "Doctor Entering Campus Activity". Activities have greatly stimulated teachers and students'interest in science and love of science, and also let students more intuitively understand the characteristics and advantages of Guanggu, and enhance the pride of being a "Guanggu doll".


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