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personnel training

Indeed, when the enterprise develops to a certain stage, in order to achieve sustainable development in the fiercely competitive market, the enterprise must have the correct strategy, good organizational management ability and professional ethics of the talent team, and talent is undoubtedly the basis for the development of the whole company.
Only through the division of labor and cooperation of excellent teams and the effective implementation of market strategy, can enterprises develop healthily. As a leading network equipment supplier in China, convinced human resources training mainly aims at R&D personnel, customer service personnel and market personnel.  In 2008, the company formally cooperated with well-known international human resources companies and formulated a scientific talent quality model. By defining the requirements of company strategy for talent, we are convinced that we should select talents who can promote the company's strategic development in the recruitment process. Convinced that the three-stage training plan is generally implemented for recruits:
Career planning
For new employees, the company will carry out different skills and cultural training according to job characteristics. The human resources department promulgates standardized system and process, organizes professional lecturers, develops targeted courses, and trains new employees in basic knowledge, product knowledge, professional shaping, corporate culture and so on.
With basic post skills and career orientation, the company will initially plan the personal career development plan according to the individual's ambition and ability trend in work. For R&D personnel, convinced to provide technical experts, technical executives two-way development path. Technical experts mainly focus on technology development and innovation to solve technical problems; technical executives are good at grasping project direction and product planning, leading the team to complete development tasks; similarly, for customer service personnel and market personnel, convinced that persuasion also provides two types of personnel training direction, business direction and management direction.
Business work will be divided into three parts: core quality, professional post quality and leadership quality, and different training methods will be applied to the right people. For example, through the tutorial system, let the same type of personnel counterpart training, rapid improvement. For the talents who are mainly engaged in the technical line, the company continuously strengthens the post ability and achievement pride of the technical talents through systematic technical training, accumulation of practical project experience, and learning among the technical talents; for the talents who follow the technical management line, after accumulating considerable technical ability, the company will train them. It leads R&D team, leads project operation, communicates with customers and market colleagues, accumulates control ability of projects and products, and constantly improves its leadership.
The above career development plans are not invariable. Through the closed-loop process of talent selection, training, appointment, use and education improvement, companies and individuals constantly adjust their career development direction and let companies and individuals choose the best development path.


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